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STS-Partner-Accreditation Certifications Braindumps

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STS-Partner-Accreditation Hot Exams

  • Symantec Mobile Management Suite (CMS/ITMS) (March 2013) STS

  • Symantec System Recovery 2013 Technical Assessment

  • Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0 Technical Assessment

  • Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7.x Technical Assessment

  • Administration of Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7.x

  • Symantec NetBackup 7.5 for UNIX Technical Assessment

  • Symantec Data Loss Prevention 11.5 Technical Assessment

  • Symantec Network Access Control 12.1 Technical Assessment

  • Symantec Data Loss Prevention 11 Technical Assessment

  • Symantec Messaging Gateway 9.5 Exam

  • Symantec System Recovery 2011 Technical Assessment

  • PGP Universal Server 3.0 Technical Assessment

  • Symantec Brightmail Gateway 9.0 (STS)

  • Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.0 for Domino (STS)

  • Symantec Enterprise Vault 9 for Domino Technical

  • Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 2010(STS)

  • Symantec Data Loss Prevention 10.5 (STS)

  • Symantec Enterprise Vault 9.0(STS)

  • Symantec Technical Foundations: Security Solutions 1.0 (STS)

  • Veritas Storage Foundation 5.1 for UNIX(STS)

  • Symantec Backup Exec 2010(STS)

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 MR 4(STS)

  • Symantec NetBackup 7.0 for Windows(STS)

  • Symantec NetBackup 7.0 for UNIX(STS)

  • Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.0 for Domino (STS)

  • Veritas Cluster Server 5 for Unix(STS)

  • Veritas Cluster Server 5 for Windows (STS)

  • Symantec Backup Exec Recovery 8.5 (STS)

  • Symantec Control Compliance Suite 9.0 (STS)

  • Symantec Network Access Control 11 (STS)

  • Symantec Security Information Manager 4.5 (STS)

  • Veritas Storage Foundation 5 for Unix (STS)

  • Symantec Brightmail Gateway 8.0 (STS)

  • Symantec Data Loss Prevention 9.0 (STS)

  • Veritas NBU PureDisk 6.5 (STS)

  • Symantec Mail Security 8300 Series (STS)

  • Symantec NetBackup 6.5 (STS)

  • Symantec Mgmt Platform 7.0 with Notification Server (STS)

  • Altiris Client Management Suite 7.0 (STS)

  • Symantec Backup Exec 12 for Windows (STS)

  • Veritas Storage Foundations 5.1 for Windows (STS)

  • Veritas NetBackup 6.5 for Windows (STS)

  • Symantec Enterprise Vault 11.x Technical Assessment

  • Altiris Client Management Suite 7.1 / 7.x Technical Assessment

  • Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.5 Technical Assessment

  • Symantec PGP Universal Server 3.2 Technical Assessment

  • Veritas Cluster Server 6.0 for Unix Technical Assessment

  • Symantec Management Platform 7.1 Technical Assessment

  • Symantec Technical Foundations:Security Solutions 2.0 Technical Assessment

  • Symantec Enterprise Vault 10.0 for Exchange Technical Assessment

  • Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11 Technical Assessment

  • Symantec control compliance suite 10.0